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June 30, 2011


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Bill Cutrer

Mike, this is one of the best blogs you've ever written!! It concisely and eloquently describes true quality leadership. It comes back to relationship with those you are trying to lead, knowing them well enough to effectively lead them. Amazing job!


Thanks so much, Bill! I really appreciate your feedback!


Wow Mike! The stuff about leading your kids really hits home. I get so frustrated and feel so ineffective much of the time in my role as Dad, but maybe that's because I'm not leading from the viewpoint of the unique "wiring" of my kids. Thanks for making me think differently about this!

Mel Bost

Mike, I really admire your perspective on Leadership. I am a big follower of John Maxwell and one of his major tenets is that "Leaders should be developing Leaders." Many Leaders are comfortable to have Followers but not comfortable at developing new Leaders. Every Leader should seek out to develop new Leaders.

Mike Van Hoozer

Thanks Mel! I agree. Everyone has a sphere of influence and should be developing leaders not just collecting a group of followers.

Mike Van Hoozer

Thanks Jon! It is something I am still working on and striving to do with my wife and boys first, then in other areas of my sphere of influence. It's a journey!

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