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July 08, 2011


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I couldn't agree more, Mike. Over the years I have realized that common core values are critical in close relationships. You can have shared context and shared goals, but if your core values are disparate from someone it limits the relationship. You can't really go much deeper than surface level with a person who does not share your core values. Don't get me wrong, I have an abundance of friends who have opposing religious, political, and social views. I believe it is healthy to have a diverse set of friends. In fact, some of my close friends and family view the world completely differently than I do, and I respect and love them dearly. But I have learned that if I can't relate to someone on the level of core beliefs then I cannot go to them for advice, encouragement, or accountability. In recent years I have realized the importance of surrounding myself with a few key people, (whether they be friends, mentors, or colleagues) who share my core values and who, ultimately, help me live out those values.

Mike Van Hoozer

Great insight and feedback Tracy!

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