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August 30, 2011


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Angie Sherrell

Mike, this a great post. I cannot wait to see this movie. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Van Hoozer

Thanks Angie! Feel free to share this with others.

Maury Ballenger

Mike, I saw this post today and saw the movie tonight! My favorite part was "burying the lies".

Mike Van Hoozer

That's great Maury! I like that part too! Lies can be a major distraction in life that keep us from reaching our goals!

Maria Escobar

I saw the movie tonight with one of my best friends. IT's a great movie, and I don't like golf. It's way more then that, it opened my eyes and I walked away feeling so refreshed. Thank you Lord for guiding me.


Mike Van Hoozer

That's great Maria!

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Bob Smith

SFT is a winning concept, I would also say "have faith".

Mike Van Hoozer

Bob, I agree!

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