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September 21, 2011


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It's definitely not easy but I take great care to write reviews that include ways in which those who work for me can grow. One of the hardest challenges I have is with people who do not know how to accept constructive criticism. Occasionally I still get resistance after I explain that the comments are not reflective of poor performance but rather opportunities for their continued development.

I just remember being at a point in my career where I was passed up for a promotion because I didn't have the experience that I needed even though the opportunity had not presented itself. I wish someone would have coached me through ways that I could develop that experience at that time.

The current group I work for does not have a lot of room for upward mobility unless someone resigns. So my current challenge is to figure out creative ways to help them to continue to grow. I still think it is very possible for most of the people on my team to develop new skills but I don't know that they are very receptive to the idea. Most people are focused on the title. Regretfully, people move on. Retaining talent is difficult and rehiring candidates is one of my least favorite job requirements. As such the review process is important to me.

I don't know that I have received great advice during a review process, but thoughts like "Bad news doesn't get better with age" stick with me. It's late and I can't think of the other gems at the moment.

Thanks for your post Mike. I have always admired you as a leader.

Mike Van Hoozer

Thanks Stephanie! I really appreciate your perspective! Leadership is about influence, and I know you are influencing people in a positive way!

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