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April 03, 2012


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"Whatever you choose to focus on magnifies in size." I love this and just wrote it on my white board in the laundry room. (Hopefully it won't make the laundry magnify). I do tend to let the distractions of each day drag me down. It can be something as little as a stranger being rude to me at the gas station. If I focus on it then I am far less effective in my roles and tasks the rest of the day. This post is a huge encouragement, thanks Mike!

Mike Van Hoozer

Tracy, so glad it was an encouragement to you! This quote has resonated with a lot of people that I have shared it with. I like it because it reminds us that we do have a choice!. Thanks for your feedback!

Vaughn Marxhausen

What happens most, is that people will use distractions as excuses for not "Hitting the Target."

Mike Van Hoozer

Vaughn, I have seen that as well in sports, business, and life. Thanks for your comment!

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